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About The Little Kingdom Schools

The Little Kingdom Schools” in the hearts and minds of students is a home away from home. The school guides every individual to their highest academic and social capabilities, develops responsible citizens and prepares each student for the rapidly changing world. The school has been developed to provide its students the cream of education with meticulous care being taken to keep intact our Indian traditions, morals and values. Students are transformed into dexterous, responsible, courteous, intelligent and humane citizens. They are provided with the right environment and opportunities to make them aspire to achieve their goals in life.

Our vision at “The Little Kingdom" is to develop our students into enlightened, responsible, compatible and complacent global citizens.

Our mission is to strive towards the holistic development of our students through a comprehensive curriculum in a conducive environment “Where Every Child Matters



The School

The Little Kingdom School had a humble beginning in 1997 with 13 students. Today it has expanded its wings into two schools: The Little Kingdom Nursery & Primary School hosts Gradees from Nursery to Grade II. The school is situated in the heart of Theni town on Periyakulam Road, in a very green and homely ambience. The Little Kingdom Senior School is beautifully encased among exotic mountains and lush green fields in Vedapuri, Theni.

Our system of education aims to reduce the burden of academics and enhance the quality of education. This campus nurtures the boys and girls for the longer life outside the academic premises. Our students are provided with the most serene environment to inculcate education in a pollution free surrounding.




At The Little Kingdom Junior School, Graderooms are colorful, comfortable with good ventilation. All the Graderooms are equipped with Smart Boards. The school also has a well-equipped Activity Center, Iken Joy Learning and a Math Lab for the sensory development of the children. A mini library with plenty of colorful books is available on campus to quench the knowledge thirst of the children. English is made fun in Grade 2 through the Karadi Tales learning portal. To enhance the communication skills in our children we have Communicative English Program by Gateway Language Academy.

The Little Kingdom Senior School Graderoom clusters are designed artistically with a central courtyard surrounded by landscaped lawns and trees for outdoor Gradees. The school has spacious Grade rooms, with very good ventilation & smart boards. It has well equipped science labs, ICT suite with the curriculum developed by Chrysalis Chennai, Design and Technology Suite with the curriculum developed by Mexus Education Mumbai, Robotic Lab with the curriculum developed by Think Labs Mumbai, a Math Lab and a well-stocked library. We also have Communicative English Gradees for Grade III and French as an additional subject for students to learn from Grade VI onwards conducted by Gateway Language Academy.




Computer Education

Our computer curriculum is in association with Chrysalis, Chennai wherein children are taught to develop the 21st century skills with a computer integrated Graderoom program.

We are a Microsoft enabled school where parents,children and teachers use Office 365 effectively for Graderoom practices.Whizjuniors is a learning portal powered by Google. Our students take up courses to enhance their ICT skills.



Physical Education

Organized games and drills are conducted under the supervision of trained physical education instructors. The school has well planned and structured sports activities around the year. The school also focuses on good physical development of the children hence much importance is given to sports such as cricket, football, volley ball, athletics, swimming, table tennis and kho-kho.

The school follows a structured PE curriculum provided by Mission Sports for students from Nursery to Grade XII. A fitness card and an app are provided to the parent so that they can keep a track of their children’s progress during the academic year.




We are in partnership with schools in the United Kingdom with whom we have plenty of projects and teacher exchange happening throughout the year. Our students are prepared for The Young Learners English Tests, PET & KET by the Cambridge University, United Kingdom. They also write ICAS, a comprehensive educational assessment program, that allows students to find their academic strengths and weaknesses in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Digital Technologies conducted by The University of New South Wales, Australia.

DeltaStep Learning provides our students to learn through visual media at the comforts of their home for Grades VI & above.

The Book Lovers Reading Program, Chennai, a Graderoom mini library with supervised activities, from Grade 1 to 9 enables to develop the art of reading right. This program also develops the speaking and writing skills of the students.

Edunext, New Delhi is the official ERP Managers of the school, who have powered the school with technology to manage all the administrative, staff and student-centered facets of the school. They have also launched an App for all the parent users for easy access of data with respect to their child and the school.

Loratis , Bangalore have partnered with us to guide our students right from Grade 8 onwards in choosing the right course and offer them career guidance after assessing the students through psychometric analysis.

Creaya Shakthi, Chennai our drama partners have constructed a well balanced curiculum to tap the creative skills in our children from Grade IV to VII.

We are two times winners of The International School Award by the British Council 2012-14 and 2015-18.


Extracurricular Activities

More than 17 scholastic activities are designed to stimulate the interest of the student and provide opportunities for self expression. Co-scholastic activities are conducted through various school-based clubs to engage the students in a wide array of co-curricular activities. The activity class is organized on Fridays for the Juniors and on Saturdays for the Seniors targeting development of children physically, intellectually and skillfully.

During the time of admission students can select one physical based activity and one skill based activity. These activities stimulate the interest of the students in hobbies, academic learning, and providing opportunities for self–expression, leadership training, building self-esteem and confidence.

The Board Games lab is a specialty for the Grade VI students on Saturdays to enable them to revive the art of traditional and contemporary games. The Project Based Learning projects form an integral part of the curriculum for students of Grade VII and above on Saturdays. Students design a curriculum and their way up while seeking solutions for simple problems that they mete out in their day-to-day life. Grade XI and XII students work on a Social Enterprise on all Saturdays. They use the profits from these enterprises for charity and community development projects.

Pupil Buzz: the literary team of students publishes an exclusive monthly e-magazine online on varied topics of interest.



Special Events

Sports Day, Utsav and Prize Day are three major events of the school, which gives scope for the whole school participation. Apart from these various competitions are organized throughout the year as per the schedule given on the school calendar for all the students to participate.

Assemblies frame an integral part of the school’s functioning where each month is observed under a special theme. Classes take turns in conducting and coordinating the assemblies adding core values to the topics.



Health Care

Periodical medical checkups are arranged at the school. An in house staff nurse is available at both the school campuses for any medical assistance. Detailed medical reports are collected from the parents well ahead for quick reference in case of remedies.




The School offers hygienic and nutritious vegetarian food for lunch. The meal includes a cup of vegetable, fruit, curry, curd, rice and papads. Sweets and special varieties are served on all Fridays. We also have a canteen for seniors that cater to the tit bit needs of the children urging the school break and after school hour.



A HOME AWAY FROM HOME - Our School Hostel

The school runs separate hostels for both boys and girls at the Junior School campus. The hostel is more like a homestay situated in the Principal’s Residence premises. The boarders will be nurtured, nourished and taught values to be independent learners. Supervised study will ensure that the students learn independently under the guidance of appointed teachers.



Prince and Princess

The hostel features the ‘Prince’ and the ‘Princess’ dormitories. The dormitories are well maintained and equipped with air-conditioners, personal cupboards, bunk beds and adequate restroom facilities.




The hostel serves both delicious vegetarian and non – vegetarian food with a change in the menu once a month as scheduled by the boarders. Snacks are provided during the mid-day and in the evenings.




Regular fitness and exercise is a part of the hostel schedule. Children wake up early in the morning on all weekdays and Saturdays to perform Yoga and other physical activities to start the day all afresh.




The hostel provides Television and Multimedia facilities during the weekends. Computers are available with restricted Internet access for children to complete their schoolwork.




Parents can speak to their children on all Sunday’s through the hostel phone. A Hostel Day out is scheduled every term and long weekends are scheduled based on the school calendar. Children also write to their parents every weekend.