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At “The Junior School”, learning is child centered and targeted on the development of the coherent, manipulative, analytical, mathematical and logical skills. Children are nurtured and taken care with compassion and patience to make their time at school productive, enjoyable, innovative and enlightening. This School is recognized by the Tamil Nadu Nursery & Primary Board.

The Little Kingdom Senior School is affiliated to the Council for Indian School for certificate Examination, New Delhi. The learning environment is thought provoking and student centered. Group Discussions, Presentations, Seminars, Field trips and Project Work frame this curriculum. During the course of study children are made to think, write and work individually to kindle their questioning minds. Students also appear for international aptitude tests each academic year. The methodology attempts to break down the examination barrier thus opening up new vistas to face challenges by thinking, debating, discussing and learning.


At the junior level, class tests are conducted regularly. Every month worksheets are used to access the child’s learning capacity. The child’s academic progress and his/ her involvement in the various school activities are graded and recorded in the progress card once a term. Academic performance of the senior students is evaluated through regular class tests and worksheets. Students from class VI up, apart from their worksheets attempt three unit tests and two exams during the course of the academic year. Grades are awarded for the students of class III to class V and marks are allocated for students from class VI up.


At The Little Kingdom Junior School, classrooms are colorful, comfortable with good ventilation. All the class rooms are equipped with Smart Boards. The school also has a well equipped activity centre for the sensory development of the children and a mini library with plenty of colorful books available to quench the knowledge thirst of the children. The Little Kingdom Senior School classroom clusters are designed artistically with a central courtyard surrounded by landscaped lawns and trees for outdoor classes. The school has spacious class rooms, with very good ventilation & smart boards. It has well equipped labs, ICT suite, Iken Suite, Robotic Lab and a well stocked library. The school will be progressive every year with the multipurpose hall, tennis & basket ball courts, swimming pool & cafeteria.


We are in partnership with YsgolLlwelyn School and Grovelands School in the United Kingdom with whom we have plenty of projects and teacher exchange happening throughout the year. Our students are prepared for The Young Learners English Tests, PET & KET by the British Council. They also write IAIS exams, an aptitude test conducted by the University of New South Wales and Asset Test.

We are two times winners of The International School Award by the British Council 2012-14 and 2015-18.

Physical Education

Organized games and drill are conducted under the supervision of trainedphysical education instructors. The school has well planned and structured sportsactivities around the year. We are in association with Pro Sports, Chennai which has provided the school with a structured PE curriculum for students from Nursery to Class VIII.

Computer Education

Our computer curriculum is in association with EZ Vidhya, Chennai wherein children are taught to develop the 21st century skills with a computer integrated classroom program. Periodical medical checkups are arranged. A doctor on call is always ready to attend the children in case of emergencies.  

Extracurricular activities

More than 17 scholastic activities are designed to stimulate the interest of the student and provide opportunities for self expression. Co-scholastic activities are conducted through various school based clubs to engage the students in a wide array of co-curricular activities. The activity class is organized on Fridays for the juniors and on Saturdays for the seniors targeting development of children physically, intellectually and skillfully. During the time of admission students can select one physical based activity and one skill based activity. These activities stimulate the interest of the students in hobbies, academic learning, and providing opportunities for self–expression, leadership training, building self esteem and confidence.