Achievements Of TLK Aluminis


About UsStudents, past and present, are what any school should be all about. Faculty and staff are vital as well but students are unique, as they will forever fill a role in the pages of any school—whether they are current students or long graduated. It would be easy to lose track of our students after they embark on their various careers but doing so would be a huge mistake on any school’s part. Hence ,we as a school believe that we need to keep a strong track of our Alumni Success Stories…

Since our school’s inception in 1997 we have had strong ties with our students. Our students, especially those who have completed 15 years of education with us starting from Nursery to Class 12 are those who have seen the school grow along with them…. both in structure and in numbers. They know very well the path traveled by their alma mater. They know that no stones were left unturned as their school trudged on her uphill journey.

Just like a mother, our school has carried our children in her womb, nursed them, cared for them, educated them and fed them. The Little Kingdom has educated and fed her children with knowledge, values and wisdom.

Our students’ carry the reputation of their school on their shoulders wherever they go or in whatever they do. We believe that our students’ success relies on how well they lead their lives in the real world as responsible Global Citizens. This process is self-feeding as well.

Our school is becoming well known for producing graduates who are intelligent, innovative, and effective in their fields. We can proudly say that our students have carved a niche for themselves in whatever they do and wherever they are. Keeping our alumni in close contact with us and continuing to recognize them for their excellence is one of the most effective ways for our school to broaden the Little Kingdom Family’s horizon.

This book is dedicated to all the KINGDOMITES…now and forever.

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